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And i got......


Admittedly the first time i got Hufflepuff, then Slytherin, and then Hufflepuff again. This final time i believe i finally got the system figured out. I believe that the sorting doesn't just go off of your answers from the sorting hat. It also takes in your questionair from when you choose your wand. So with some slight calculations i finally figured out the best way of making my odds of getting into Gyrffindor or Ravenclaw the highest. And it worked! Whose to say with that logic i'm not Ravenclaw material. Anyway as in the words of Dumbledore.... "It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." And i choose "Not Hufflepuff and Not Slytherin.

Anyways my username is: PotionPhoenix2464 ^W^ Funny enough i got the word "potion" in my username when i'm a pharmacy tech.

Yep....I'm going to be one of those people.

Yep....I'm going to be one of those people on pottermore. Out of all the houses i dislike "Hufflepuff" the most and i refuse! to be in it. I would have been fine with any other, but that one. So i deleted my account and i am trying it again tomorrow! Life likes to treat me like Charlie Brown enough. I don't need to be stuck in his house. 
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Leah Update

I want to thank everyone who gave Leah bunny well wishes! ^w^ I really appreciated it!!

Long story short Leah is going to need exploratory surgery. Dr. S showed me the sonograms and there is definitely something in her bladder. It's not a stone. Her kidneys also showed to be healthy.  He thinks its either a polyp or benign tumor. He doesn't think it's a cancerous tumor since she shows all the signs of being a healthy happy bunny otherwise. He said it definitely needs to come out though if it can and a tissue sample needs to be taken. From what he was saying it seems more of a polyp because he mentioned they can bleed and produce puss.  He didn't want to say anything for sure though because he can't see 100% on the sonogram.

He said whatever it is is the reason she's been sick. More than likely it's blocking her pee from coming out and messing up the PH balance in her system. The procedure is not going to be cheap. He said he could do it, but he wanted to see if my vets would do it first. That's because he said that if something were to happen he's an hour away while my own are only 10-15 minutes away. I dropped the sonogram pictures he gave me off at the vet. I mentioned i wanted Dr. Don to do the surgery since he spayed the girls and has done a tumor removal on one of the vet tech's 13 year old rabbit. The receptionist said she's not sure if he or Dr. Jeanne would be willing to do it. Mostly because it's such a touchy procedure. I have to wait till Dr. Jeanne comes in on Monday and she and Dr. Don confer/talk on it. 

 Whatever they do it or Dr. S does it Leah has to have the procedure done. Dr. S came off as incredibly knowledgeable on bunnies and  not one to act in an rash way. I mentioned what one of my inconsiderate co-workers said about just putting Leah down and i must of hit a nerve. I got a 10 minute rant/lecture about how he hates pet owners like that. That made me feel a lot better being around someone who is so caring of animals.  So if i must i'll have him do it. He told me he would if my regular vets wouldn't. Especially since he said getting rid of it is the only way Leah will get better. The surgery, like all invasive ones, has risks though. 

So that's where Leah and I stand. I don't like and worry over the idea of Leah going through such invasive surgery, but it's the only way to get her better. I just hope i'm not making the choice that might hurt her or worse..... Please keep sending her good vibes!!
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Leah's sonogram is tomorrow

Hi everyone,
Wish Leah bunny luck! Tomorrow she finally gets her sonogram done. We've been battling with blood in the urine since January. She's had all the tests done, antibiotics since jan, and sub fluids three times a week. It finally came down to it in March that my vet couldn't go any further till a sonogram of her urinary tract and bladder was done. Something that i found to be incredibly expensive. Luckily i found a exotic vet about 1 and a half away in Duncannon, Pa that does them for only $240. She's had to wait so long because i can't take days off in the same month (this was march) from work unless it's an emergency/death. So i had to wait till April.  So tomorrow i work a half of day and Leah has her appointment at 5pm. My mother is coming with me since there is no way i can do this on my own. We'll finally know what's been going on with my girl. Cross your fingers it's nothing to terrible!

(obligatory bunny pic ^o^)

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Finished re-read of "The Hunger Games"

    I finished my re-read of "The Hunger Games" this morning around 2am. I had left off at the beginning of part three on friday night and read the whole thing through. Once i started i couldn't stop. lol  After watching the movie early i found myself loving and appreciating the book even more. There is really no way you can compare the movie and book. They're two separate things. Yet together they really do a great job of playing off one another. I think it's the greatest reason to have the author of the book helping with the movie adaption. I mean look at when J.K jumped into the HP movies. They went from amazing to brilliantly amazing. The same can be said for the Hunger Games. 

I'm going to be starting "Catching Fire" tonight. I think, like the Harry Potter books, that my re-read is giving me a whole new perspective on the books. So i'm really looking forward to re-reading this one and "Mockingjay". ^w^

Hunger Games Review

Finally got to see The Hunger Games!! Ya!!!!

 My overall impression at the end was different than the Star Wars and Harry Potter movies. Something that makes since, at least to me, because The Hunger Games is a very different type of movie. Harry Potter is all about the Magic. Star Wars is the Fantasy. The Hunger Games is more firmly rooted in reality. In that it could really happen. You don't leave the movie feeling brilliantly upbeat and happy. I left it feeling thoughtful and moved. I think this was the first time i ever really cried; Twice,  in a cinema. Something that is not leaving this page. I didn't let Ashley know that i was tearing up along with the big huge black man on her other side at Rue's death.  

 Anyways, we, Ashley (my sister) and I,  got there at 12pm and i was glad to see we weren't the only people early for the screening. The was another group already there. We all ended up switching theaters because there was a major roof leak going on in the current one. The new one was smaller and Ashley started complaining about it immediately. I just hoped no-one tall would sit in front of me.  I decided for a treat i would get us a soda to share and some popcorn (because buying both tickets and candy wasn't enough at the time).  After getting what could have bought a few boxes of popcorn  and a case of Sprite i was all settled.  Theater started getting crowed with people who apparently thought just skipping a shower and putting on perfume was enough. (Seriously the place smelled bad the whole movie). Someone tall sat right in front of me and i accidentally complained out loud "great now someone tall is sitting in front of me". I blame retail for my lose lips. He offered to move, but i just switched to the other side of Ashley. Ended up getting a better view of the screen anyways. The theater was nearly fill with all but a few seats taken in the back ( i wanted to shove the girl's phone next to me up her nose and shout at her and her idiotic teenage friends to shut the hell up a lot).  I got lucky that the black man i mentioned earlier saw how short i was and decided to sit next to Ash  instead of his girlfriend/wife in front of me. Then the movie started...

Collapse )

So after the movie lets out i turn to Ash and well... come....on. What did you think?
{Now i have been bugging Ashley for the last two months to read the books and she hasn't. She only agreed to go with me since i was paying for everything.}
She pause and says it was "Ok". I was like. Ok. Expand. "It was too political". And... "A lot of little kids died". "They set her up to go back in don't they"...... She couldn't even give me a solid answer. I recognized her vocal tones. Basically the movie disturbed her and she didn't like it. I tried to explain the "polticalness" to her in the car, but i don't think she cared. She's already "given" her opinion to my parents, Matt, and a few others. The person who plays "Assassins creed, Mortal Combat, and other "killing games" is disturbed by the movie. Someone who has never read the series...... All i can think is "Really?". My parents don't even want to hear my side of series because they already got her. And i can tell they "disapprove". *rolls eyes*.

Well i really enjoyed the movie and appreciate it. I'm probably the singular person in this household who does not judge before seeing/or reading things though.

So all in all. Definitely getting it the first day it comes out on Blue Ray! One of my top favorite films to go with the book series. ^w^


Got my ticket for tomorrow!

I got my Hunger Games ticket for tomorrow! I will be seeing the second showing of the day at 12.50pm.  Unfortunately i hit the line for the first showing of the night and had to wait ten minutes to get it. Literally every single person in line was going to see "The Hunger Games". It was kinda of recommended i get there early. I asked the manger if Ash and i could go to our seats early and he said our screen would be open for seating. So we're going to be getting there at 12pm to get good seats. We're just going to bring something to read while we wait. ^^

While i was at the mall i stopped by FYE and got an official Hunger Games bookmark and Mockingjay pen to wear tomorrow. ^w^

So excited! If it's good i'm going to see it with someone-else next sunday. ^w^